It all started in 2003, when he was attending Agent Greg’s events in Atlantis Club in Oropos/GR, hearing live names like: Sandy Rivera, Antoine Clamaran, George Siras + more. Later on, he will start DJing for friends parties and start receiving calls from other people to be their DJ. In 2004 he will play House Music for an opening in Kotzias’s square in Athens for Manolis Famelos.
2005 will find him in Uni of Kent, Canterbury UK to study ECE (Electronic Communication Engineering). His passion for DJing though will make him graduate after 6 years but will also give him the chance to be one of the hottest names in town with weekly and monthly residencies in the best places with capacity from 300 to 1000 people [The Venue, Club Karma (Dover), The Cuban, The Loft, The Linen Store, The Fresh Bar, + many more]. After a while he creates with friends from all around the globe (Greece, Cyprus, South Africa, Gibraltar and Germany) the 1st House Music Society in Uni’s History.
Between 2011 and 2014 he participates in several Mixcloud’s Contests including some of his own mash-ups and bootlegs under the alias “DJ Up” getting positive feedback by people like: Eddie Amador, Laurent Wolf, Asle Bjorn, Lee Burridge, Chris Lawyer, Luis Radio, Rhythm Staircase, Souldynamic, LAmerica, Agent Greg, Ms Lefki, Dino MFU, Roni Iron + more. Whereas, he will also start his weekly podcasts hosted in several Radio Stations around the world like: The Deck FM (Buenos Aires), Ripped Radio Network (DC), Max 94.5FM (Grenoble), Efecto 89.0FM (Alicante) and Radio Studio 54 96.0FM (Toscana). Whereas in late 2014, after the pushing suggestion of some of the names above including Julie Massino and Vassilis Gakis, he will start composing his own productions and try his luck in labels abroad.
In December 2014 under the alias “DJ Up” he will make his 1st release in Framewerk’s label “Capital Heaven” in the compilation “Captured Vol. 1”. However, the most remarkable point in his short career will happen in March 2015 when he will have the honor to collaborate with DJ Oji on his “Can’t Stop Lovin’ You” with Carolyn Victorian on the vocals and become part of an EP with supports by: Louie Vega, Roger Sanchez, Quentin Harris, Danny Krivit, Grant Nelson + many more. Whereas his remix with Oji will be chosen #14 of the Afro House Essential Album of Traxsource.
In May 2016, getting a response in one of his demos by Anane Vega asking him to listen more projects of him. It will make him reconsider some bad releases he had in the past under the name of DJ Up and their effect on his name. Thus, “Greco Soul” will be born symbolizing a new start where each work of him will surely get your attention!
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